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I will answer 5 questions.



Q1: Is this based of yandere simulator?

A1: The idea did come from YS

Q2: Is this a game?

A2: It is not yet planned out, but originally this was going to be planned to be a visual novel. however it might not be a game at all, it could end up being a comic/manga instead.

Q3: What characters are there?

A3: There will be over 25 characters, When we come up with designs for characters we will share them here or even let you all vote which design looks better. When characters are finished there will be some information given about them.

Q4: I want to volunteer or send fanart but where do I do it?

A4: Fanart is really nice to see! Send them to yurikohighschool@gmail.com

If you want to volunteer, Your job will be to make artwork of students, character designs and places.

If you want to become a volunteer please fill this in and email to yurikohighschool@gmail.com and wait for a response.

By the way this info won’t be shared with others. The only info that will be shared is your name/nickname and a place where you post your own artwork.


Name: (put your name or nickname)

Age: (your age)

Example of artwork: (put a link to one of your artwork)

Website: (Put a link where you post your artwork. examples: Tumblr, Instagram, Deviantart or Twitter)

Reason: (Give a good reason why I should let you be a volunteer)

Email: (put your email)

Additional information: (Write anything else you would like to say)

Q5: If I am a volunteer what do I get?

A5: If you are a volunteer you get to create a character design when I ask you to, You get to see things behind the scenes.